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Stable Diffusion is an open-source latent diffusion model that was trained on billions of images to generate images given any prompt. It was initially trained by people from CompVis at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and released on August 2022.

It got extremely popular very quickly. Tons of other people started contributing to the project in various ways and hundreds of other models were trained on top of Stable Diffusion, some of which are available in Stablecog. v1.5 is the latest version coming from CompVis and Runway. You can try Stable Diffusion on Stablecog for free. Just click the button below.

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Stable Diffusion v1.5 Examples

Here are some images created with Stable Diffusion on Stablecog.

Stable Diffusion Examples

You can also see more examples of images created with Stable Diffusion in our gallery by clicking the button below.

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