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Kandinsky v2.1 is an open-source and multilingual latent diffusion model. It is created by a group of researchers from Russia. It’s not based on Stable Diffusion, it’s an original model. It’s very good at different aspect ratios and resolutions. It doesn’t seem to have the “doubling” problem some Stable Diffusion models have. It also produces artistic results without the need for long prompts.

It is often called the open-source Midjourney. It indeed reminds us of Midjourney as well. It can create amazingly artistic images with short prompts but it’s not limited to a small set of styles as opposed to some other models. It’s also good at realistic images. You can try Kandinsky v2.1 on Stablecog for free. Just click the button below.

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Kandinsky v2.1 Examples

Here are some images created with Kandinsky v2.1 on Stablecog.

Kandinsky v2.1 Examples

You can also see more examples of images created with Kandinsky v2.1 in our gallery by clicking the button below.

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