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RainBlack ink on paper

3 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

Guidance Scale


Inference Steps





4096 × 4096


Watercolor black and white trees
A abstract line drawing with brushstrokes and ink splatters of Deftones black ink on white background
Make an abstract black and white ink drawing with the title ashes to ashes
Ground section revealing a living world hidden in a huge root system underground with tiny strange creatures, no view above ground, pen and ink illustration, ultra fine point pen, highly detailed
Watercolor black and white trees
forest in black and gray on a white background in futuristic style
Forest at night linocut, black and white, in the style of van gogh
Watercolor black and white far away trees with orange little flowers on the trees
Watercolor black and white far away trees
draw in pencil a scary forest
black and white fairy trees
Metamorphosis, ink wash, neo-surrealism

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