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Metamorphosis, ink wash, neo-surrealism

Butterflies, insects, people

15 days ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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A abstract line drawing with brushstrokes and ink splatters of Deftones black ink on white background
human eye illusion
colourful trippy dripping mushroom forest
psychedeliC, PETER MAX STYLE, MUSHROOM, picture of a BEAUTIFUL,, , cinematic, highly detailed, 4k, deep colors, gold, fire,, metal,, ethereal, utopia , ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE,,
Make an abstract black and white ink drawing with the title ashes to ashes
saturated black light colors. millions of distorted strange dots art detailed mystical trippy ultra saturated neon detailed look into an old wise gnome holding mushrooms next to a fire in the glowing mushroom forest, but a hallway of mushrooms. (Retro Art Nouveau-influenced concert posters). Art deco mushroom border. DMT like entities. aliens and mythical creatures melting faces. white swirls in the blank space
Surreal Horror PAC-MAN, horror interpretation of the pac-man video game by Stephen Gammell and Max Ernst, some artistic abstractions and aberrations, digital art, smooth masterpiece
RainBlack ink on paper
From decay springs life, vegetal matter and bones, pen and ink illustration, ultra fine point pen, sharp contrast, sharp lines, highly detailed, whimsical style, creepy but not scary
create a realistic strange fantasy landscape with bold lines and strange plants and mushrooms, black and white, high contrast, black outline, realistic in the style of line art, in the style of coloring book, clear white sky, white background, line ART
mushroom that have in the middle of its stem half closed eye and the background has of each corner humanoid entity looking at the mushroom with psychedelic eyes in mandala shape background
Trippy DMT interdimensional universe psychedelic acid mushroom

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