Placeholder: تأثيرات ضوء وظلال الأماكن المظلمة والمضاءة الرعب تأثيرات ضوء وظلال الأماكن المظلمة والمضاءة الرعب



تأثيرات ضوء وظلال الأماكن المظلمة والمضاءة الرعب

4 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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5120 × 2880


a long corridor with walls on both sides, with black paint falling off, both the walls tilting onto you with no exit to this corridor. the whole ttone is mystic and dark with a staitcase railing of wood covered with dark moss
dark ominous hallway, eith a monster, all in a dak atmosphere
On their brave night, the friends head into the depths of the abandoned hospital, and with every step they take, they create a completely different experience for themselves. They enter deserted corridors that seem to tell stories of the past in colors of darkness and desolation. The floor is broken, the walls are stained with dampness, and the air is filled with the smell of dampness and darkness. The corridors spread out before them like a complex network of past moments, as they explore the
It was my first day at work and I was walking down that long, dark, dilapidated corridor to my room, which was located at the end of that corridor
Most dark and creepy place with slow slow raning
On their desperate path, the Friends continued to run through the corridors of the renewed maze that forms in front of them as a magical phenomenon. The closer they think they are to the end, the roads turn and become inextricably complicated, time and space are embodied in infinite details. They gradually lost hope, as distress and frustration were clearly visible on their exhausted faces. Dissonant sounds and growing noise merge into a whisper that does not separate reality and fantasy. The s
With every step their feet take into the depths of the abandoned hospital, they begin to sense a change in the air. The silence that prevailed in the place turns into an arrangement of strange sounds and muffled screams that intersect with the surrounding darkness. The echo manipulates their voices and creates waves of dread around, as mysterious sounds echo between the falling walls. The friends listen to distant screams that appear and disappear like waves in the night sea, simultaneously aro
Gloomy corridor at far end door cracked open with bright light glaring out, glare effect, artistic diagonal line composition, tilted, unbalanced, styled by Stephen Gammell and Jack Kirby, asymmetrical horror surrealism, rich deep colors, trending on Artstation, creepy, eerie, gritty
It is very dark, the lights go out, only the quors are in the light.
illuminated dark room where i can fit poem
With every step Jason and Sarah take inside the abandoned building, they discover the folds of a dark story about unethical experiments carried out by doctors in this place that has long been a psychiatric hospital. They feel refreshed and in awe together, as thoughts are swirling around dilapidated corridors and abandoned rooms. Their echoes penetrate the horizon of terrifying silence, and the walls of the hospital tell the story of the effects of failed experiments and moral excesses. The bro
dark gloomy, A room with

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