Placeholder: It is very dark, the lights go out, only the quors are in the light. It is very dark, the lights go out, only the quors are in the light.



It is very dark, the lights go out, only the quors are in the light.

18 days ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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illuminated dark room where i can fit poem
dark room with haze where i can fit a poem
The dark passage, gradually decreasing as the stairs descend
dark ominous hallway, eith a monster, all in a dak atmosphere
dark gloomy, A room with
With every step their feet take into the depths of the abandoned hospital, they begin to sense a change in the air. The silence that prevailed in the place turns into an arrangement of strange sounds and muffled screams that intersect with the surrounding darkness. The echo manipulates their voices and creates waves of dread around, as mysterious sounds echo between the falling walls. The friends listen to distant screams that appear and disappear like waves in the night sea, simultaneously aro
Illustrate the unsettling moment when the friends feel the oppressive atmosphere within the walls of the house, as if the very building is alive and breathing darkness. Capture their expressions of unease and fear.
dark house corridor with no light with a cabinet
تأثيرات ضوء وظلال الأماكن المظلمة والمضاءة الرعب
غرفة مظلمة منذ عقود مظلمة ويكون شكل الغرفة مرعب
a long corridor with walls on both sides, with black paint falling off, both the walls tilting onto you with no exit to this corridor. the whole ttone is mystic and dark with a staitcase railing of wood covered with dark moss
Among the rubble and old medical tools, the morgue guard continues his journey through the halls of the place, where he encounters more surprises. He notices a kind of opening in an abandoned wall, as if time itself wants to reveal a hidden secret. Slowly, the slasher guard opens the door that holds out the hope of uncovering buried secrets. The door swings open carefully to reveal a narrow corridor leading to a secret room. The room expands before his eyes, dark and filled with damp air. The

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