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young elf green eyed student wizard

7 months ago

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A portrait of a young male elf
elf child
Photo of an androgynous wood elf with dark green skin and short, light-brown hair that is loosely curly.
link from legend of Zelda, girly
A portrait of a young male elf
male wood elf, brown skin. Hooded Black armor. Green eyes. Green ring, Bow on back
Young male wood elf, rogue, brown skin, bright green eyes, mauve hair, hooded black leather, shy, trees, stoner
Link zelda
Link aus zelda
Androgynous, small-eared, green-skinned wood elf with light brown, short, loosely curly hair.
setan elf
Bronin is a younger wood elf. He is very stoic. He has slightly tanned skin. He has a black beard. His left eye is gone and is replaced with a green sphere that glows a bright green. He wears very basic black robes. His black hood goes over his head. He has a black cape. His left arm has a green spiraling tattoo and a black arm wrap around his hand and forearm. his right arm is missing and has been replaced with a wooden prosthetic. The arm looks like the branch of a tree.

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