Placeholder: Genos from One Punch Men with black mechanical parts in real life Genos from One Punch Men with black mechanical parts in real life



Genos from One Punch Men with black mechanical parts in real life

15 days ago

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a white male cyborg, Perfect centralization, coelho (franco)de Donnie, Standing position, beleza abstrata, Centrado, looking at the camera, Facing the camera, nearing perfection, triste, desespero, corpo inteiro, hands on her head, Dynamic, altamente detalhado, liso, foco nítido, 8k, high-definition resolution, illustration, arte de Carne Griffiths e Wadim Kashin, fundo branco
A ai robot that looks so much like a human male
Arte lineal de robot humanoide futurista, arte conceptual, calidad ultra, hiperdetallado, maximalista, 12k
dark echo knight no helmet white skin black eyes
Catman cyborg, calidad ultra, full body, hiperdetallado, maximalista, color blanco, increíble obra de arte
make me an image of an ai
a close up portrait of a combat cyborg. It's looking directly ahead. photorealistic. use these themes: the borg, the matrix squiddies, cyberpunk. the lighting should be dark. it is standing in the shadows. it's battle damaged after years of action. incredibly ominous. it has targetting sensor externally attached to its head.
Tema Kuzmin manin a mega cool white iron super suit with on his arms and shoulders, hdr, (intricate details, hyperdetailed:1.16), piercing look, cinematic, intense, cinematic composition, cinematic lighting, color grading, focused, (dark background:1.1)
image features a highly detailed and advanced humanoid robot that appears to be inspired by a spiderlike character, given its distinctive cowl and spider-like features. It stands poised with a katana sword, showcasing a fusion of traditional warrior elements with futuristic, mechanized armor. The robot's design includes intricate mechanical parts and a sleek, read and titanium armored exterior, creating a striking contrast with a complex inner machinery. The setting seems to be a skyscraper or e
A length image ,full body hyper-detailed front view of a Cyber-man mech in transformative style, his metallic skin gleaming with intricate textures and intricate details, captured in an ultra-realistic style that blurs the lines between reality and imagination.
A brave iranian warrior with leather and metal combat clothes robotic metal
Construct: Head: Streamlined and angular with luminous artificial eyes. Torso: Robust core housing advanced technology and an Argent Energy containment system. Limbs: Sleek robotic arms with retractable razor-sharp claws and biomechanical legs for stability. Movement: Fluid and precise, showcasing calculated grace.

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