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Cybernetic full body

18 days ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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Manual labour android futuristic friendly looking humanoid
3d printed woman made of bent mechanic, insanely complex, many parts, very detailed, hdr, smooth, sharp focus, high resolution, award winning photo, 80mm, f2.8, bokeh
beautiful woman robot
make me an image of an ai
full body cyborg| human skin| full-length portrait| detailed face| symmetric| steampunk| cyberpunk| cyborg| intricate detailed| to scale| hyperrealistic| cinematic lighting| digital art| concept art| mdjrny-v4 style, --bad anatomy --blurry --fuzzy --disfigured --misshaped --mutant --deformed --bad art --out of frame no metal, made of plastic
human android full body
A length image ,full body hyper-detailed front view of a Cyber-man mech in transformative style, his metallic skin gleaming with intricate textures and intricate details, captured in an ultra-realistic style that blurs the lines between reality and imagination.
Roboter der wie ein mensch aussieht
A robot, technology, cybernetics, science fiction, virtual photography, and fantasy, 8K resolution, high quality, ultra graphics, and detailed with lines.
Cyborg female evolving | concrete floor | detailed | fine art | highly detailed | smooth | sharp focus | ultra realistic | full body portrait view, Mysterious, white metal
can you draw a wet-ware android robot in a style appropriate for Paradroid 90?
actual artificial intelligence appearance

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