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gözlerinden ateş çıkartan imparator

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Kandinsky 2.2

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4096 × 4096


gözlerinden ateş çıkartan imparator
God of fire
God of destroy
The wanderer, the god of protection. concept art, mid shot, intricately detailed, color depth, dramatic, 2/3 face angle, side light, colorful background.
God of Knights, Mythical, Portrait
God of Chaos
La reine des démons
The loving god of death. concept art, intricately detailed, color depth, dramatic, colorful background.
egendary, hyper-detailed concept art of Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat by Yi Insang. The art should be in a cgsociety or sots art style and should show Shao Kahn in all his glory. He should be firing fire from his hand, and the art should be incredibly detailed, capturing every muscle and wrinkle on his body. The art should be a masterpiece of creativity and skill.
King of Darkness
ultra detailed mystical ((norse viking man weathered skin rage blood flesh)), raging horned helmet ((fighting))(in the action), bloody battle fire dirt background , cinematic lighting, vibrant , best quality, best resolution, (motion blur), ((focus)), movement
God Of Light Wielding A Weapon Of Light