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King of Darkness

11 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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King of Darkness
Satan in hell, sitting on a throne of bones, with a crown of thorns on his head, deformed, unsightly, twisted bodies around him crowlning at his feet legs writhing at his feet, a realistic image like a photograph
old man, black beard, no faced, shadows on face, muscle, skin red , red body, black goat horns, black bat wings, long black haired, devil appearance, satan, pethagram, diabolic scars, black old armor, golden necklace cross, cape, throne, hell fire, darkness background.
Fantasy Demon in Buisness Suit
the horned god baal in the castle dungeon
Diablo 3, Ghom Boss, dark
The majestic Dark King sits on his throne
A malevolent king draped in flowing black attire that seems to absorb the surrounding light. His sinister crown, adorned with ominous spikes, rests upon a head crowned with jet-gray hair. Obsidian eyes reflecting cruelty and malice. A deadly grin curves across his face, betraying the depths of his malevolence. In the shadow of his presence, an aura of darkness.
King of the demons
Daedra for whom the rules do not apply can be banished into nothingness, in Phyrexian Horror art style
Black demon
dark demon capricorn

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