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Immortal Emperor stay in the sky and civilins

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Kandinsky 2.2

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Alba Silvius King of Alba Longa son of Latinus Silvius ancestor of Aeneas the trojan hero
God of Knights, Mythical, Portrait
mdjrny-v4 style, dramatic lighting, epic photo, Jesus Christ had a darker hue of skin and that his hair was woolly in texture. The hairs of his head, it says, "were white as white wool, white as snow. His eyes were like a flame of fire, his feet were like burnished bronze, refined as in a furnace, volumetric lighting, detailed, photo realistic, cinematic, by drew struzan
A majestic portrait of Jesus Christ, surrounded by a swirling cosmic landscape of stars and galaxies.
Capys King of Alba Longa ,son of Atys, ancestor of Aeneas trojan hero
A victorious man with a black, cunning, stubborn head.
mosaïque gréco-romaine très coloré du dieu poseïdon entouré de fleurs, en entier, Grèce antique, magnifique, majestueux, gigantesque, ultra réaliste, ultra détaillé, ultra intriqué, 16k, octane effect
Jesus. On His throne. In his glory. In heaven. Cherubim around him. Epic. Light. Hyper Realistic hyper detailed face. Realistic hands.
God Of Light Wielding A Weapon Of Light
The loving god of death. concept art, intricately detailed, color depth, dramatic, colorful background.
Ares of the Greek mythology
Ultra detailed fullbody Portrait in oil on canvas of lord matze with Armor,intense stare,extremely detailed digital painting, extremely detailed face,crystal clear Big eyes, mystical colors ,perfectly centered image, perfect composition, rim light, beautiful lighting,masterpiece,8k, stunning scene, raytracing, anatomically correct, in the style of robert e howard and Ken Kelley and Ohrai Noriyoshi and Simon Bisley and tomzj1