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Elf queen with long hair and cold look

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Kandinsky 2.2

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elven woman
Hyper-realistic, highly detailed portrait, inspired by Yoshitaka Amano and Artgerm. Emphasize distinctly elven features: elongated, pointed ears and ethereal face. Woman with light grey, shoulder-length hair, light grey eyes, and chalky white skin. Dark fantasy attire: black scarf, black robe, bare arms.
female elf with white hair and blue eyes, wearing a long blue dress with lots of diamonds and a gemful tiara on head, no smile
Create an image of this female elf without the black eyes, she would have cristal clear blue blue eyes
elven princess
Elf girl, beautiful, leaf and rowan crown, white hair, green eyes, in the forest
ice queen blue eyes long blond hair smiling face long dress in elden ring realistic
dnd character art of elf ranger, female with mature body but delicate youthful facial features, small ears, high resolution cgi, 4k, unreal engine 6, high detail, cinematic, concept art, thematic background, well framed
Elf in leather armor, 25 years old, murder with mouth mask, thin shoulders, white hair, brown eyes, ((best quality)), ((art)), (detailed), ((perfect face))) , (( (Artwork)))
Black-haired beautiful elven girl, who is student of magic
portrait of a 25 year old female antagonist, she is beautiful and has long dark hair, her appearance is like a greek goddess
elf female fighter with white hair and white eyes

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