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Personne qui navigue un bateau au moyen age


7 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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بحر هائج وسفينة قديمة بها شراع كبير وعاصفة
A hyper detailed pirates ship in a crisp ultra realistic photo at dusk with a storm in the backdrop 3d with depth of field, octane rendered ambient epic lighting
A rough sea with a large and old ship
Pirate sailing into sunset.
Πορτρέτο πλοίου 1800 σε τρικυμία
Create a realistic image with a light tone featuring a middle-sized ship positioned at the heart of the painting, resting on the shore. The ship should be the focal point, embodying the essence of a mid-journey adventure. Capture the details of the vessel and its surroundings with precision, evoking a sense of tranquility and anticipation.
wide shot of a pirate ship in the middle of the sea, storm, ocean storm, high waves, angry sea waves, cloudy sky, deep ocean waves, fantasy style, dynamic, movement, high quality, 8k, cinematic lighting, windy ocean
Plano general de Capitan de un barco del siglo XVIII de cabello y ojos blancos, vistimenta típica color roja con una fuerte sensaciónde haber perdido el timón mientras navega en medio de una tempestad en el océano con fondo de colores azul y negro desenfocado.
Um imenso navio negro de velas azuis em meio a uma tempestade em alto mar, raios e ondas violentas, a tripulação correndo pelo navio
east indiaman in dnd world
piracki żaglowiec w czasie sztormu
Pirate Ship with ripped sails, calm seas, single image, realistic

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