Placeholder: a dark lord in a lighting storm going thru the body a dark lord in a lighting storm going thru the body



a dark lord in a lighting storm going thru the body

8 months ago

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a close up of a Dark fantasy, shadow knights, (( white and gold plug suit, black smoke in plug suit)), (burning eyes:1), (white, gold hooded cloak of leather material), (fractal art:1. 2), cave background, transparency, caustics, optics, surreal, magic, masterpiece, perfect anatomy, 32k UHD resolution, best quality, highres, realistic photo, professional photography, cinematic angle, reflection lights, closed up
the black ghost
The Nazgûl
شبح موت
Señor de los Nazgûl
"Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds"
Deamon with lighting Trident in right hand and looks like black assasin that looks like Human
a large-scale, great and swift battle, fear, darkness, horror, suffering, dark colors, Dark, oil, Raymond Swanland & H.Dirk Macgrieve
dark fantasy image of single male cloaked and hooded, wearing dark long robes floating with arms spread wide above a mountain coming out of the clouds being struck by lightening
We have prepared for the disbelievers chains, shackles, and hellfire
handsome Dark lord in black and gold armor with grey skin and red eyes, and a ghostly black flowing cape
Etherial swordwraith wearing a silver metal mask wrapped in black cloth rags, undead, fantasy art, undead art, ghost

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