Placeholder: A demure but loyal, faithful and kind beautiful girl A demure but loyal, faithful and kind beautiful girl



A demure but loyal, faithful and kind beautiful girl

7 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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gambarkan wajah gadis imut
Cover art of an extremely beautiful woman, gorgeous beauty, semi realism, a female anime protagonist
very beautiful korean girl
A very realistic girl, 25 years old, with hazel eyes, white skin, and pink lips. Her features are innocent, sharp, and Arab, her hair is black, long, and silky, and she is very realisticShe laughs spontaneously
sex girl
portrait Anime chinese woman cute-fine-face, pretty face, realistic shaded Perfect face, fine details. realistic shaded lighting by Ilya Kuvshinov Giuseppe Dangelico Pino and Michael Garmash and Rob Rey, IAMAG premiere, WLOP matte print, cute freckles, masterpiece
Start by creating a background layer of clear, glowing skin. You can use the color picker or drawing tools to create a smooth, radiant complexion.Use various shapes and shades to depict rose petals gently scattered or arranged on the skin. Incorporate soft, pastel colors for a natural and attractive look. Consider layering petals to create depth and realism.Add finer details such as dew drops on the petals or a subtle shimmer on the skin to enhance the overall appeal and give it a more realistic
watercolor painting of a beautiful portrait of a 25 year old woman, realistic skin texture, flower in her hair, looking into the camera, Anna Razumovskaya style, atmospheric light, realistic colors
Нарисуй в акварельной технике
A girl with a fit and red hair realistic
A girl with sharp, beautiful features. Her skin is pale white. Her eyes are red and black color. Her body is slim and long. Her hair is black and wavy.
a 16 year old woman, white skin, medium length wawy black hair, beautiful round face, black eyes, round body, in a white dress, realistic epic fantasy style

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