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Kandinsky 2.2

Guidance Scale


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3328 × 4992


A demure but loyal, faithful and kind beautiful girl
Нарисуй в акварельной технике
A very realistic girl, 25 years old, with hazel eyes, white skin, and pink lips. Her features are innocent, sharp, and Arab, her hair is black, long, and silky, and she is very realisticShe laughs spontaneously
unique portrait sketch
gambarkan wajah gadis imut
girls face
very beautiful korean girl
beauty girl,brown eyes , big nose,cream clothes,long hair brown color,thin lips,background blue, stand
Cover art of an extremely beautiful woman, gorgeous beauty, semi realism, a female anime protagonist
portrait Anime chinese woman cute-fine-face, pretty face, realistic shaded Perfect face, fine details. realistic shaded lighting by Ilya Kuvshinov Giuseppe Dangelico Pino and Michael Garmash and Rob Rey, IAMAG premiere, WLOP matte print, cute freckles, masterpiece
gadis bertubuh langsing, berjilbab mempunyai tahi lalat di bawah bibir sebelah kanan memakai kacamata
cute, small, vamipre, girl, realistic

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