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Kandinsky 2.2

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The "Almost Deer" is typically described as a creature that closely resembles a deer, but with several unsettling and anomalous features. It has a slender body covered in coarse, grayish-brown fur. Its legs are long and graceful, resembling those of a normal deer. However, its head is where the abnormalities become apparent. Instead of a traditional deer's head, it possesses an elongated, human-like face with vacant, pale eyes that lack pupils.
een lief hertenjong dat ligt in het hooi, heeft lange wimpers, een lichtgekleurde effen achtergrond,
A giraffe crossed with a monkey
Full picture of deer
but dik
king bharat bollywood near castle and forest there is little young deer three lives of king reincarnation
аниме олень
A picture of a Christmas little deer in the style of shabby chic, in the woods rococo, Thomas Kincaid art painting, pinterest, fantasy art, charming, detailed painting, realistic photo, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, muted colors,intricate details, highly detailed, by greg rutkowski, josephine wall
almost deer
een lichtgekleurde effen achtergrond, een lief hertenjong dat ligt in het hooi, heeft lange wimpers
Make a greatest deer in the planet
white weasel

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