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almost deer
A picture of a Christmas little deer in the style of shabby chic, in the woods rococo, Thomas Kincaid art painting, pinterest, fantasy art, charming, detailed painting, realistic photo, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, muted colors,intricate details, highly detailed, by greg rutkowski, josephine wall
Close up portrait of a Puma. Cougar, mountain lion head on black background
The "Almost Deer" is typically described as a creature that closely resembles a deer, but with several unsettling and anomalous features. It has a slender body covered in coarse, grayish-brown fur. Its legs are long and graceful, resembling those of a normal deer. However, its head is where the abnormalities become apparent. Instead of a traditional deer's head, it possesses an elongated, human-like face with vacant, pale eyes that lack pupils.
Абиссинский котёнок стиль Сальвадор дали
not deer
In a vast savanna, a Leo stands proudly at the head of their pride, exuding unmatched loyalty and protection. They nurture their loved ones with playful affection, showering them with love and devotion, just like the mighty lions they emulate. In a courtroom, a Leo takes a stand, their strong mora
Beautiful fox woman
among us sqrear
A hyper-realistic, A cute squirrel, outdoor, forest, spring, full size ,Photo Real, HOF, full size, practicality,manufacturability,performance, (((realism, realistic, realphoto, photography, portrait, realistic, elegant, charming, , professional photographer, captured with professional DSLR camera, trending on Artstation, 64k, ultra detailed, ultra accurate detailed, bokeh lighting, surrealism, Thomas Kinkade backgroun
Portrait of squirrel : : wes anderson style :: : glossy magazine print, Body on magic sparkles :: : lithograph, ink drawing :: : trending on artstation, by Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Peter mohrbacher, hyper realism, insane details
cyborg panther dark réaliste

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