Placeholder: bright fairy, rose hair, etheric, blue eyes, roses bright fairy, rose hair, etheric, blue eyes, roses



bright fairy, rose hair, etheric, blue eyes, roses

17 days ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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bright fairy, rose hair, etheric, blue eyes, roses, princess
Portrait of an extremely beautiful princess, gorgeous beauty, semi realism, looks like rose from titanic, a female anime protagonist
"Create a captivating digital painting of a beautiful anime girl with long, soft, shiny golden hair and lovely bright blue eyes. Envision her adorned in stunning, glowing lotus flowers, with a full-body view against the backdrop of a serene lake surrounded by pink lotus flowers. Illuminate the scene with a glowing night sky and infuse it with vibrant, vivid colors to bring this enchanting moment to life in your digital artwork."
fata morgana bellissimo viso
bright fairy, rose hair, etheric, blue eyes, roses, princess
a girl with colorful hair and flowers in her hair, beautiful fantasy art portrait, beautiful fantasy portrait, stunning anime face portrait, beautiful fantasy painting, realistic cute girl painting, colorfull digital fantasy art, kawaii realistic portrait, beautiful anime portrait, very beautiful fantasy art, beautiful character painting, gorgeous digital art, gorgeous digital painting, exquisite digital illustration, in stunning digital paint
Start by creating a background layer of clear, glowing skin. You can use the color picker or drawing tools to create a smooth, radiant complexion.Use various shapes and shades to depict rose petals gently scattered or arranged on the skin. Incorporate soft, pastel colors for a natural and attractive look. Consider layering petals to create depth and realism.Add finer details such as dew drops on the petals or a subtle shimmer on the skin to enhance the overall appeal and give it a more realistic
Painting of a beautiful girl, beautiful, haunted forest, flowers on her head, glitter dress, young girl, digital painting, fantasy art, pretty face, inspired by Jeremiah Ketner, illustration, anime portrait, barbie face, big eyes, bright eyes, dream, trees, forest background, dark night, song, glitters background, fantasy, high quality, 8k
bright fairy, rose hair, etheric, blue eyes
Through the art of digital painting, the artist skillfully crafted a stunning portrayal of a beautiful anime girl adorned with shiny brown hair and full clover leaves stitched delicately on her head. With her lovely bright blue eyes captivating the viewer, she stood amidst a mesmerizing display of very beautiful colorful flowers, each petal radiating vibrant and vivid colors.
fairy, pink, green, beautiful, hyperrealism, masterpiece, expert, cinematic lighting, sharp focus, 8K, pastel, macro lens, woman, detailed, flower
portrait borders head Princess with great bobs long hairs black eyes no top with roses

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