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Kandinsky 2.2

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portrait of black knight with red feather in snowy mountain pass in forest,shot on Hasselblad h6d-400c, zeiss prime lens, bokeh like f/0.8, tilt-shift lens 8k, high detail, smooth render, down-light, unreal engine, prize winning
samurai armor, blood, forest
Samurai Skeletor. Photograph.
guerrero samurai de 1,78 mts de alto, castaño claro, musculoso y con una armadura sorprendente
chessboard knight piece in the style of cyber punk
A futuristic “medieval” knight
Stop motion puppet of a knight
plano alejado de un ninja con ropa de combate negra, ambiente de fabrica urbana con tonos grises y obsuros con niebla, portando en una de sus manos una espada
In the high-tech era of the future, the mechanical samurai stands proudly as a perfect fusion of technology and tradition. Its body is constructed from a robust alloy, shimmering with a nanocoating that gives it both invincibility and a futuristic glow. Visual Features: Armor and Design: The appearance of the robot integrates ancient samurai armor with futuristic aesthetics. The armor is adorned with futuristic patterns, maintaining the silhouette of a traditional samurai, including ornaments
knight from behind

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