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thin person sad photo

14 days ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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stickman figure sadly sitting under a street lamp
wooden doll at night
Eine Gestallt von einem kopf ohne Gesicht , und im kopf frage Zeichen hat
stickman figure holding a tiny black box in a dark street
cartoon pfp character detailed humanoid block
adorable cute chat robot in trance, with short punk hair and real human eyes, its such a perfect day, motion blur, smoke, 8k, downlight, soft light, depth of field, photorealism, trending on art station, lotsa detail
A dynamic shot of a grey alien peeking through a window at night, dark shadows and gauzy curtain blown by wind, shot with a film camera and wide angle lens, shot from a low position to add fear
wery scary slenderman
two slender dark black figures in the night looking at the viewer
a scary figure wearing a suit and tie with no face
can you draw a wet-ware android robot in a style appropriate for Paradroid 90?

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