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Logo for "Beyond the Abyss"

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journey sacred magic
"Immagina un'illustrazione in cui un materiale in iridio è il protagonista, circondato da materiali luminosi che emanano un'energia intensa, il tutto immerso nell'oscurità."
the cult of the three moons, hidden hideaway, otherworldly, mysterious, vray render, cinematic, cinematic horror art by Tom Hoffman, Craig Mullins. menacing, ethereal, awe-inspiring, physically based creative, wow, beautiful, hyper realistic, bokeh, made of small shiny slabs of slightly opaque jade with brilliant multicolored emerald and sapphire and amethyst , inspired by greg rutkowski, vray render, amazing craftmanship, very dark and saturated colors
graphic draw space film sci-fi dungeon epic waves stars
Logo for "Beyond the Abyss"
make the domain expansion like The domain itself looks like barren land, for him, anywhere he step is safe, even if he step on traps The land is filled with landmines, pitfalls with sharpened bamboo costed with cursed energy make the background like a battlefield make a war going on in the background make the character facing the backward make the whole background coming out of a sword
Infinite portal dark gate where an army of cybersoldiers is coming out
journey sacred magic
a stunning medium artwork depicting a figure standing on the edge of forever, surreal, dreamlike, fantasy, cosmic, vibrant colors, vast void, ethereal glow, mystical, atmospheric, panoramic view
cosmic portal to another realm in the style of, gore, horror, eerie, dark fantasy; HDR, UHD, TXAA, Ralph Steadman, Seb Mckinnon, impressionism, dadaism, surrealism

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