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journey sacred magic
Logo for "Beyond the Abyss"
Octane render. 4K Oil painting. Fine art. Detailed. Fractal. Chakras. Sacred geometry. a brain exploding. kintsugi. Chaos. Eye hovering over unfinished pyramid. Illuminati. a mind fracturing. confusion. Tears the color of oil. oil spill.
Tori gate on moon
The apocalypse of space
Logo for "Beyond the Abyss"
me in the universe. think about future.
A group of adventurers found the entrance of the cave leading tio anotherworldd, splash art, liquid, 5d, , floating islands, black holes swallowing crystalline structures and alien flora provide a stunning backdrop for the setting sun's luminous display.
A world of unfamiliar beings simulates the end of the world
Future Dreams, visionary, dreamlike, destiny, cosmic scale, astrological, sharp detail, HD 8K, hyper-realistic
me in the universe. think about future.
epic, anime style, high detail, no people, nobody, landscape a bright pagan magic ritual circle witchcraft in the middle of a forest

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