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Surrealist art

10 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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Surrealistisches bild
surrealistisches bild
in a surrealist style, the changing of seasons in an alien planet similar to earth with the "words le stagioni"
Wooden house on the tree
Surrealist art another word
A clockwork factory painted by Salvador Dali
a medium quality photo of futuristic homes embedded within gigantic majestic trees in a massive ancient forest, architectural photography, blend of nature and technology, surreal, aerial view, concept design, magical ambiance, surrealism, digital matte painting, [ethereal], sci-fi, eco-friendly, fantasy, moss-covered trees, vibrant colors
Imagine a new land in an alternate reality. This could include surreal elements, with familiar objects twisted into something new and unexpected.
Surealistisches bild zum beschreiben
Luxembourg by Dali
Une maison dans un arbre géant, dans une forêt magique. La maison est écologique et élégante, avec des fenêtres, des balcons et des énergies renouvelables. L'image doit montrer la beauté du lieu et la symbiose entre l'homme et la nature.
a tiny house, nestled in the uppermost branches of a towering tree, providing a cozy and secluded sanctuary amidst the dense foliage of a vibrant forest. The air is filled with the earthy scent of moss and leaves, and the gentle rustling of the wind creates a soothing melody. The mood is whimsical and inviting, with a touch of mystery and adventure. A mix of realism and fantasy, capturing the magic of nature's embrace. Watercolor washes and intricate line work, reminiscent of the Art Nouveau mov

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