Placeholder: Warforged Warrior with Gun. Warforged Warrior with Gun.



Warforged Warrior with Gun.

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Technical concept illustration of highly advanced armour, fantasy, science fiction, Paladin
human soldier with a mask , heroic stand
Teutonic Knight male
The knight of Shu n ancient Chinese kingdom wearing magnificent black knight armor, full body image,
Portrait of a robotic warforged doctor wearing a tribal mask. The strange, slightly intimidating mask sits on a figure standing 6'5'' who is wearing a dark traveling cloak with a bound tome at their waist. This robotic warforged with black coloring and gold accents. Their dark and shiny metallic surfaces appear dignified and well kept, but also show signs of years of wear and scratches. The mask is brightly colored with gemstones. It appears to study you intently.
The cursed knight.
female space marine model, impressionism
A fantasy golem made of iron
stone man full body
A warrior with iron armor filled with magic
Motoko Kusanagi from "Ghost In The Shell (1995)", clad in medieval stell plate armour, alone, blue eyes, perfect, beautiful, black hair, realistic proportions, androgynous, melancholic

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