Placeholder: جده حكيمة من عصور التنانين وطالع علي جده حكيمة من عصور التنانين وطالع علي



جده حكيمة من عصور التنانين وطالع علي

8 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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جده حكيمة من عصور التنانين وطالع علي
portraint of a man with white hair, skinny face, muscles, wine red and black jacket, and mid long beard, age 27
dnd, portrait of master of gravitation
Tall gaunt man with pale skin and silver hair
Retrato de un superhéroe vengador fuerte, anciano, sabio y con muchas cicatrices al estilo videojuego nórdico
A fantasy thieves guild leader in "Dishonored" art style (video game). He's in his young 30s with white hair, scars on his face and thin bone structure with just a slight stubble. He has sunken but golden eyes and is slightly handsome. His name is Cyprian Thorne.
Aegon III Targaryen, also known as Aegon the Younger
an archfey with long ears beard and sharp eyes
cangiante di D&D, uomo maturo, inespressivo, con pelle grigia e traslucida, oleosa, capelli bianchi con occhi bianchi senza pupilla e iride, grandi come quelli di un alieno grigio e leggermente sporgenti in stile fantasy D&D, da una sensazione uncanny valley.
middle aged male elf, commoner, serious expression on face, straight blond hair shoulder length, battle scar on cheek, green eyes, thin lips, drawing style, linen clothes
Portrait of John McCarthy as a Marvel Character
Generate character art for the affable wood elf bard, embodying the charm of a handsome, middle-aged dad. Picture him with a slightly heavier set physique, reflecting a joyful and contented life. Emphasize his rugged handsomeness with a well-groomed beard that adds a touch of maturity to his appearance. Dress Thalion in a comfortable yet stylish outfit that befits his wood elf origins, capturing the balance between his carefree spirit and middle-aged warmth. Consider incorporating elem

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