Placeholder: an archfey with long ears beard and sharp eyes an archfey with long ears beard and sharp eyes



an archfey with long ears beard and sharp eyes

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Brown elf with pointy ears and super curly long black hair and a beard and dark brown eyes
Ethereal Handsome silver haired moon elf man beautiful blue eyes
Hyper-realistic, highly detailed portrait, inspired by Yoshitaka Amano and Artgerm. Emphasize distinctly elven features: elongated, pointed ears and ethereal face. Woman with light grey, shoulder-length hair, light grey eyes, and chalky white skin. Dark fantasy attire: black scarf, black robe, bare arms.
a young high elf frost Sorcerer with long wiry hair and blue ice across his face like a scar, wearing a light and white velvet crop top with black edges, frost ornaments on clothes
half-elf clean shaven man wearing black
Elven man with white hair and purple eyes and black wings
Semi-realism, high fantasy, attractive male, winter theme, pointed elf ears, soft facial features, light blue hair, short shoulder length straight hair, ice blue eyes,
an elven man, tall and noble in his features, dressed in fine black velvet and silk clothes. he has long charcoal black hair, reaching neck length. His demeaner is that of a scheming villain whilst hiding his vampiric nature
full length front facing ancient grizzled, gnarled elf mage, he has long, grey hair streaked with black, highly detailed facial features, and sharp cheekbones. His eyes are black. He wears weathered medieval leather clothes. he is lean and tall, with pale skin, full body with thigh high leather boots and has a dark malevolent aura within swirling maelstrom of ethereal chaos in the comic book style of Bill Sienkiewicz and Jean Giraud Moebius in ink wash and watercolor, realistic dramatic natural
He was 200 tall, white hair, red eyes, white skin, white cheeks, white ears, long white hair.
A realistic portrait of an Elven nobleman. He has salt and pepper hair and a mischievous smile. He has a curly mustache. He wears a flower boutonniere. There are autumn trees with falling leaves in the background.
elf, long elven ears, Woman, Light grey hair hair in bun, light grey eyes, "white skin", black scarfs, bare arms, Photoreal Detailed, Hyper Realistic, fantasy, detailed

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