Placeholder: A monster's head on the ground A monster's head on the ground



A monster's head on the ground

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Kandinsky 2.2

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A monster's head on the ground dark light
((( photorealist parasite, extra arms, large eyes, realistic skin crawling))), HD, sharp, eyes looking towards the camera, in focus, detailed, 8k [[poorly drawn, pixelated, compressed, low resolution, normal quality, low quality, bad anatomy, bad proportions, cloned face, duplicate, extra arms, extra limbs, extra legs, fused fingers, gross proportions, long neck, malformed limbs, extra legs, fused fingers, watermark, signature, username, jpeg artifacts, jpg artifacts]] modelshoot style
a time traveling alien, wet, sharp teeth, textured skin, large black eyes
photoreal alien with grey skin as powerful reptilian with lightning eyes in heavy grey blue mist in a dusty attic at night by lee jeffries, 8k, high detail, smooth render, unreal engine 5, cinema 4d, HDR, dust effect, vivid colors
كائن غريب في اعماق المحيط
Extreme grandiose and cinematic photo in realistic colors (sparks around) ((Rare parasite creature Holding a membranous cocoon)) dirty realistic metal ragged clothes, dynamic pose and expression, in the city ally of ancient tales, high lighting, intricate, 8k, macro photography,
инопланетные звери на луне
دهن عود
Vermin creature ,cinematic, realistic, intricate details, photorealistic, octane render, 8k, artstation
distant full-body small mouthless smooth-skin alien with skin made of smooth stone
god next to an alien, photorealistic, 4k, head and shoulder view, , soft white lighting from front
Crispy chilling horror scificore hip hop fear faw fum characters, afrobrutalism, aliengeographic super resolution, uhd image, overhyped expressive character design, weird messiah complex, movie poster for the junkey nanomech biocoreshell, in the style of Peter Gric, macabre, hyperrealistic anamorphic art, massive elements, H.R. Giger, hyper morbid realistic, super hr500 a.i. Tensor chip