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4096 × 4096


This beautiful woman is a starlet style by Eduard Veith, Milton Glaser, Esteban Cortazar, Patrick Kelly, Lotta Jansdotter. Mixed media, guache wash Ink, ethereal background, Highly detailed, intricate, beautiful, high definition, fantastic view. 3d, volumetric lighting, extremely detailed, award winning, 电影灯光 肖像 天蓝色、柔和的绣球蓝、清澈的冰色、柔和的丁香色、钴白色等柔和的颜色 4K 3D五官精致层次感比例正确精致面容解剖学上正确身体比例合适高质量高细节高立体观感高分辨率8k逼真的品质清脆高清非常详细美丽的优雅的很有魅力特写
The moonlight illuminates her hair, turning it a pure, silvery white, in rococo art style
a close up of a girl with pink hair holding a jack russell, paolo roversi style, pale skin, curly blonde hair, trevor brown style, anthropomorphism, (12x) extremely pale white skin, digital photography, naturalistic technique, ken wong, children's illustration, jack white, divinity, brian griffin, very large eyes, symmetry, shot with Sony Alpha a9 Il and Sony FE 200-600mm f/5. 6-6.3 G OSS lens, natural light, hyper-realistic photography, ultra detailed -ar 3:2 -q 2 -s 750
Richard Burletoil painting tufting tapestry, Otherworldly, young beautiful HD face Princess of the Moon avant-garde organza StarWars fashion, Austrian Symbolism, arcane atmosphere, countryside-style raw dream dimension
girl with long pink hair surrounded by a field of flowers in the painting style of Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
a little girl looking in a mirror glass, james jean aesthetic, baroque hair, inspired by Gottfried Helnwein, inquisitive. detailed expression, resembling a crown, white - blond hair, portrait of lolita, james jean and fenghua zhong, female investigator, realistic renaissance portrait
Upsidedown portrait of a beautiful Greek goddess by Alan Lee
Austrian simbolism, a beautiful dark victorian girl blonde iranian ACTRESS, wears a Surrealist Armenian embroidered avant-gard fashion, ornamental details,caravaggism, with bubblegum, oil painting
a beautiful girl in hat and with a bouquet of flowers,.intricate detail, complementary colors, fantasy concept art, 8k resolution trending on Art station. .Baroque style
Romantic oil painting, the face of a young woman with auburn curly hair against a dark background. The left half of her face is behind a bunch of ripe greenish grapes, while on the right, there is an ivory-white Manila mantle adorned with knives and roses.
Artistic Pink green Lady , PRINT medieval style
Paul Cadmus, Otherworldly, young beautiful HD face Princess of the Moon avant-garde organza StarWars fashion, Austrian Symbolism, arcane atmosphere-style raw dream dimension

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