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art style, tupac, black and white, minimalism


4 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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2pac winking logo graffiti style
snoop dogg as a militant MAGA supporter
album cover of martin luther king JR with as an adult star
sketch of sleek black panther, realistic textures, art deco / vintage vibe , very loose ink and soft watercolor washes
wygeneruj mi obraz 2paca który żyje w 2024 roku
Snoop dogg. a chair. pink houses, pink sky, pink smoke
Intricate pencil sketch mugshot of [a Black male in a sports hoodie and cap, sitting in a leather wingback chair, vintage minimalistic white background, highlighting the subject's urban style with a hint of royalty.]: :: stunning interpretive visual., cinematic, wallpaper, vibrant, photo, poster, typography, portrait photography, fashion
simple outlines art, bold outlines, clean and clear outlines, no tones color, no color, no detailed art, art full view, wide angle, white background, Nelson Mandela
sketch of Snoop Dog in the style of Magnus
A powerful blank canvas depiction of Martin Luther King Jr. sitting without a background, ready to be colored, for young children.
Walter Black
8k 4d photo realistic Highly detailed portrait of captain Jack sparrow illustration

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