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Kandinsky 2.2

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sinaran bulan nan merdu dan lincah
malba záře vycházející ze středu tmy černobíle
In this exciting and confusing chapter, the house is engulfed in darkness and the person feels the presence of strange and invisible creatures lurking around every corner. Hidden voices and mysterious whispers add to the dread, as the air fills with a strange scent tinged with dread. Dim candlelights blend with dark shadows to create a cluttered and unclear atmosphere. A person feels an evil presence around him, as strange creatures move invisibly between the corridors of the house, as if they
Paisaje que muestra un estanque mágico escondido en lo profundo del bosque, es de noche, hay peces que brillan con la luz de la luna, está LLOVIENDO a càntaros y hay algunas luciérnagas que rodean el paisaje.
جو حزين و مضلم مرسوم بخط اليد
A moonlit night is a very beautiful sight
moonlight painting
awesome moonlit night landscape
hyper realistic surrealist mystical forest bathed in moonlight, populated by abstract silhouettes
Moonlight sonata
Νύχτα,δασος από ελατα στην ακρη ενός ποταμού, ζωγραφική, σύννεφα, dramatic light, dramatic scene

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