Placeholder: The creature that visits you in your darkest dreams The creature that visits you in your darkest dreams



The creature that visits you in your darkest dreams

4 months ago

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dedans les bois la nuit forme humanoïde, peaux humaine nuit nuit grand fin monstre migre
Create the character has tall , broad shoulders , scary , in darkness and run
the eldritch embodiment of the morning, sun, daytime, and all seeing eyes
Lovecraftian Bosch Bogomil Cryptid, plague of nightmares, 'Scary stories to tell in the Dark' style. by Stephen Gammell, by Kay Nielsen, by Tomasz Setowski, creepy, eerie, scary colors, expansive, grand, impossible magnificent monster, 3d octane render, opulent shadows, creepy, weird, ultra detailed
A portrait of a rake monster in the dark forest
Underwater, closeup creature with creepy eyes, fullbody, his skin turned translucent revealing a network of black veins that extended like roots, ragged clothes, , 8k,macro photography,
(masterpiece), best quality, dark horror creature, only eyes showing, masterpiece, inside mineration mine, underground mine, horror art style
a time traveling alien, wet, sharp teeth, textured skin, large black eyes
A horror slime could be a terrifying creature made of a viscous and gooey substance, reminiscent of classic horror monsters like the Blob or creatures from movies like The Thing. This type of creature may have a menacing appearance, with the ability to dissolve or consume its victims in a gruesome and terrifying way. It could also have supernatural abilities, such as regeneration or the power to control minds, adding to the horror element of the character.
The Hypnagogue is a terrifying being with a grotesque appearance, sporting multiple tentacles, glowing eyes, and razor-sharp teeth. Its body emits an otherworldly energy that can manipulate human thoughts and emotions. It has the ability to induce deep states of trance in its victims, rendering them powerless under its control.
Scary underwater monster
lovecraftian monster

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