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الشمس داخل زجاجه كرويه

9 days ago

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3328 × 4992


Transparent ball on the sea with sun reflections captured by a Sony camera
AI 3D glass marble ball, floating in space, art realisticv2, surrealism, 64k resolution, octane render, volumetric lighting
it is sunset. focused centered fine-art photography closeup of a clear spherical ice cube 3' above the ground, minimalism
A glass sphere with the galaxy inside in a magic trophy
A round ball of very bright light floating in the air by magic
crystal ball, Realistic photography, incredibly detailed, ultra high resolution, 8k, complex 3d render, cinema 4d
a planet where every surface gleams like polished chrome
a magic trophy with a glass sphere and the galaxy inside
A beautiful translucent orb made of fire, crystal burning, time distortion, high quality
photo real depiction of a scenic earth landscape in which every surface brightly gleams like newly polished chrome
Sunset of silver and gold
Eine leuchtend weiße durchsichtige große spiegelnde Glaskugel

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