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Peder Mork Monsted style, mediterran

5 months ago

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Peder Mork Monsted style,Croatia, Zadar beach
paints a lovely picture! It sounds like you're describing a picturesque scene where lilies, roses in vibrant red and yellow hues, anemones, and lilacs adorn a garden near the sea, with a road separating them. The juxtaposition of the colorful flowers against the backdrop of the sea adds a captivating charm to the setting. It feels like a place where one can pause and appreciate the beauty of nature, with the scent of flowers mingling with the salty sea breeze.
Home in the village
Peder Mork Monsted style, house on the water, on stilts
Peder Mork Monsted style,Croatia, Zuljana beach
Peder Mork Monsted style, Mediterranean sea
Peder Mork Monsted style, Croatia, Zuljana beach
Peder Mork Monsted style, Croatia
Peder Mork Monsted style,
Peder Mork Monsted style,Croatia, Trstenik beach
Qaitbay Citadel in Alexandria, fishermen’s boats anchored around it, fishermen putting fishing nets on their boats, fog covering the place, the moment the sun rises
impressionist painting on canvas of Provence, in the style of impressionist masters, warm colors, delicate brushstrokes --ar 1:2 --stylize 750

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