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logotype. black oak

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Kandinsky 2.2

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logotype. black oak
A Chinese symmetrical tree, the trunk of the tree is drawn with black lines. The tree fits completely
A three branches roots
tree roots tattoo sleeve design
logotype. black oak
Baum mit Ästen und Blätter und Wurzeln für Diagramme, Weniger Äste und blätter aber dicker
tree of life
Tree of life
dark roots texture
Baum mit wenig aber dicken Ästen und Blätter und Wurzeln für Diagramme
Tree of profound knowledge. Close to its roots is a nature of a statistics where information and principles of nature or simulation are extracted from many observations -separate lives. Make roots specific for an observer. May roots and live branches symmetric somehow. Put there some observer, who decides how to select proper root.
Start by sketching a sprawling tree rooted in the rich, fertile soil. Use flowing lines to represent the organic nature of the branches and roots. Consider adding subtle contours to the soil to convey its depth and texture. Use a 2B pencil to define the texture of the soil. Create small, irregular shapes and lines to simulate the granular quality of fertile ground. Gradually build up darker tones with 4B and 6B pencils for depth and shadows. Integrate symbols or miniature scenes within the tree'

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