Placeholder: a man using a blue armor, anime style a man using a blue armor, anime style



a man using a blue armor, anime style

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Galactic strong man knight of sky deep blue eyed blindhaired vessel
Dark Souls manga-style androgynous of a young man with large light brown eyes and spiky pink hair that's styled in an undercut fashion, dark silver metal tiara, and blue warrior eyes, with medium dark blue leather armor, in a black coat, with dark blue gems in her greaves and gauntlets, holding two curves black claymores in both hands, with fight spirit in her eyes, fullbody.
portrait, beautiful stunning warrior lady and goddess, babycore blue short hair, ice eyes, fantasy atmosphere, styled by Corrado Vanelli, Norman Rockwell, Boris Vallejo super detailed, Studio Ghibli, Anime Key Visual, by Makoto Shinkai, Deep Color, Intricate, 8k resolution concept art, Natural Lighting, Beautiful Composition
Thin androgynous anime character with short and messy midnight blue hair and wolf ears. Loose fitting, gender-neutral goth clothes. bored, aloof, urban background, RWBY animation style
Young woman with short azure hair, wolf ears, vivid blue eyes, futuristic armor, smirking, fangs, woodland background, RWBY animation style
Anime, boy with curly black hair and blue eyes who can control metal
Jjk screen with short, curly black hair, big brown eyes, and a short mustache. Beautiful background scenery of a house behind him with a sword in his hand and the cloak of the reconnaissance group. With studio art screenshot in studio
Goblin slayer, female knight, of the rolling plains, full body, dark azure, wlop genre paintings, serene face, realistic depiction of light, blue light --seed 5 --ar 9:16
Young woman with midnight blue hair and wolf ears, vivid cold blue eyes, leather armor, smiling, fangs, mountainous background, RWBY animation style
شاب انمي مع قوة النار و الجليد معا انمي
Erebus, anime art style
Le voyageur de genshin impact masculin cheveux noir et yeux rouges version genshin impact

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