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Kandinsky 2.2

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3328 × 4992


Vista frontal mirando al frente Rata gigante orejas grandes simetricas cola de rata cuerpo completo obra de arte finamente detallada vista frontal 4k retrato vista frontal
Hamster gold
Photographically, a mouse is seen standing outside a window in a Tirai style.
the giant rat who makes all the rules, fantasy, digital painting, realistic
iridescent geometrical 3d frogs
A thin, hairy, white mouse stands outside a large, half-timbered window with crystal droplets of water still on the window. The window opens about 60 cm wide. The mouse lifts its head slightly, looking up at the future through the post-apocalyptic horizon. A beam of sunlight slopes over the mouse, presenting a harmonious picture with the mouse's upright 45-degree gesture.
lion mouse
mouse chewing on a blue wire in a data center
ربوت على شكل أرنب
An ant with a human head
Twins rats alien,8k resolution, cinematic smooth, intricate details, vibrant colors, realistic details, masterpiece,