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Teddy bear

3 months ago

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Sad Tedy bear sitting on damaged street
bear waiting for bunny by window
six Steiff Teddy Bear children sitting at desks in a classroom facing a teddy bear teacher standing in front at a blackboard
Haribo gummy bear
A thin lanky teddy bear with curly hair
لعبة دب تنزل في وسط شارع مدمر
медведь в шаре
2D art for one cute Teddy Bear , white background, full body, cartoon style, no shadows.
Teddy bear
kids teddy bear toy over city burned destruction of an aftermath war conflict, earthquake or fire and smoke of world war against children peace innocence as copyspace banner
On a rainy afternoon, Bubbles felt a bit down. Snuggles, the wise and comforting Teddy Bear, noticed and offered a warm, reassuring hug. This heartwarming gesture led to the introduction of "Hug Day" – a day filled with cuddles and joy, proving that sometimes a simple hug can chase away the darkest clouds.
Cute fluffy bear in rain

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