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Mighty heroic knight, open face

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Kandinsky 2.2

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The Count-Knight cursed with face
lamp with armour in 69b.c.
intricate ancient armor, ancient background, elegant, grey and black smoke, stunning, render,
human soldier with a mask , heroic stand
Ultra high quality, photo portrait, (super_cool_helm), full_armor_knight, super_cool_armor,super_cool_weapon, ((masterpiece)), best quality, (high quality), absurdres
Portrait of Artorias, from Dark Souls game
Golden armor with a full interior and a fire or black background
Gustavo Petro anthropomorphic 2d in silver armor with swords
The knight of Shu n ancient Chinese kingdom, full body image, ready to the battle field,
The knight of Shu n ancient Chinese kingdom wearing magnificent black knight armor, full body image,
portrait of a dying medieval fantasy knight that has clouds of hot steam vapor billowing out of the holes in his armor, matte oil painting, concept art, d & d, clear, crisp, sharp, extremely detailed, cracks, pressure, leaking, 4k, 8k
In the depths of chaos and strife, a lone figure emerges from the shadows, embodying the spirit of a one-man army. His eyes burn with determination, his muscles ripple with unwavering strength. Clad in battle-worn armor, he stands as a testament to courage and resilience. Surrounded by adversaries that would falter in their numbers, he remains undeterred, for he carries the weight of victory upon his shoulders. With each swing of his weapon, he carves a path of destruction, leaving his foes in a

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