Placeholder: a fliying base floating thanks to big jet engines a fliying base floating thanks to big jet engines



a fliying base floating thanks to big jet engines

12 days ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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منزل مستقبلي تكنولوجيا
fuuturistic megapolis with center
future megapolis
Город Благовещенск в будущем
a space station for five thousand people with apartments and rooms, a green house, a school space, an entertainment space, a space for farm animals, a room for machinery and a med bay, all in one building. that you can live in on mercury.
solar punk world futuristic
cavernous mothership launches high up into the azure heavens above from earth now glimpsed far below. world class cinematic special effects cgi airbrushed landscapes. still shot. in plain sight under the collective nose of entire global population. coherent. the planet's power grid & electric communications as tools of mass surveillance. the people don't have a clue. it's hidden in plain sight.
جامعة من المستقبل
Envision a society beneath the sea, with unique architecture that harmonizes with ocean life. Think about how light, movement, and everyday activities would differ underwater.
a mid air industry futuristic style
Make a futuristic landscape with artificial intelligence thematology

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