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Charles Bishop Weyland; Alien

statue, doubles, twins, entangled fingers, Worst Quality, ugly, ugly face, watermarks, undetailed, unrealistic, double limbs, worst hands, worst body, Disfigured, double, twin, dialog, book, multiple fingers, deformed, deformity, ugliness, poorly drawn face, extra_limb, extra limbs, bad hands, wrong hands, poorly drawn hands, messy drawing, cropped head, bad anatomy, lowres, extra digit, fewer digit, worst quality, low quality, jpeg artifacts, watermark, missing fingers, cropped, poorly drawn

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venom in 8k nier automata drawing style, reaper them, cinematic mood, neon effect, close picture, bones, highly detailed, high details, detailed portrait, masterpiece,ultra detailed, ultra quality
spaceship vision of tony stark stily 4k realistic photo
Dr. John Robinson from lost in space. Picture in colour. Younger man. He is content. No moustache
meryl stryfe
Keanu Charles Reeves Mood board character sheet, white male without beard or mustache black hair narrow face high cheekbones predatory face wearing black flight armor extremely detailed,realistic photo 4k
El actor pedro pascal sin barba y canoso usando un uniforme sci-fi espacial de color azul
Middle-aged woman with blond hair in a robotic silver catsuit, standing on the right of a partially submerged sleek spaceship, on an alien beach, with alien trees
John Cena wwe in a mega cool Black iron super suit with on his arms and shoulders, hdr, (intricate details, hyperdetailed:1.16), piercing look, cinematic, intense, cinematic composition, cinematic lighting, color grading, focused, (dark background:1.1)
borg from star trek. character hugh.
Venom machine in nier automata artstyle, non-eyes, close picture, fantasy world, intricate details, highly detailed, high details, detailed portrait, masterpiece,ultra detailed, ultra quality
Charles Bishop Weyland in the Nostromo
Charles Bishop Weyland

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