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deep coliseum oppressing dungeon modern metal

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Generate a visually striking black metal artwork that depicts a great citadel, dark and evil, 8K, extreme detail
Exit from a gloomy sanctuary, around on the sides there are gloomy figures in black robes, candles, a black sky in the distance, an atmosphere of mystery and horror
Dark Fantasy crypt Stormkeep
deep arena oppressing dungeon modern metal
Глава 4: Встреча с темнотой На картинке Финн Данлингер, с испуганным лицом, стоит перед темным входом в храм, его факел дрожит в руках, пытаясь пробиться сквозь мрак. Вдалеке видны зловещие силуэты, а атмосфера наполнена страхом и тревогой. Финн выглядит уязвимо и беспомощно перед могучими силами мистики и зла.
light>darkness>cathedral>riuna>rubble>kneeling man>spread arms>blood>stigmata>abyss>fire>suffering>scream>eyes covered with a bandage>long flowing hair>demons>huge interior>wind, praying>
dark souls game background graphic
A mysterious knight, hooded and cloaked, stands at the entrance of an ancient, dilapidated castle. The castle looms in the background, shrouded in mist and surrounded by an air of foreboding. [Mysterious Knight, Hooded and Cloaked, Ancient Castle, Dilapidated Structure, Misty Atmosphere, Foreboding Presence]
Generate a visually striking black metal artwork that depicts grand ruins with tall towers that are breaking, 8K, extreme detail
A mage adorned in tattered robes and wielding a staff, stands amidst the flickering candles of a hidden, underground chamber. The ethereal glow of the mage's eyes hints at the forbidden knowledge they seek in the darkness. [Mage in Tattered Robes, Wielding Staff, Hidden Chamber, Flickering Candles, Ethereal Glow, Forbidden Knowledge]
create dark places where you can chill similar to dark fantasy
In the grim chambers of the dhampir who worships the deity of darkness, eternal night reigns. His hair, black as pitch, cascades in thick waves like smoke, shrouding his face in a veil of mystery. In his eyes, two boundless abysses reflect only darkness and enigma. The dhampir's attire resembles nightmarish visions. Black cloaks and shadowy patterns seem to weave through his garments, lending his figure the mysterious semblance of a ghost. An amulet around his neck flickers like a star in the b

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