Placeholder: 一個老人,有輔助行走器具、房間的床有扶手,房間十分寬敞明亮,明亮的廁所就在旁邊 一個老人,有輔助行走器具、房間的床有扶手,房間十分寬敞明亮,明亮的廁所就在旁邊




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Kandinsky 2.2

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long shot of a full body of an old sad man, with gray hair wearing a brown jacket, his back turned to the camera, standing by a window in his room. The room is illuminated by gentle sunlight filtering through the window, creating a warm and nostalgic ambiance.
رسمة بالرصاص رجلان يفتحان باب في اخر الممر
burer in bedroom in night, scary scene
شخص حزين يدخل من باب وعندما يخرج يكون سعيد
Ilustrasi gadis yang duduk di atas tempat tidur di sore hari. Wajahnya murung dan sedih.
бабушка, дедушка, дом, кресло, иллюстрация
Make this into a 9:16 image (bit art style): A dad and a son walk into a room of a grandma sleeping peacefully
zoomed out view of a friendly running behind drawers, bedroom, surreal, comic style
ارسم غرفة نوم مع تلفاز وبانيو
illustration of someone paying rent with minimal colors
رسمة رجلان يفتحان باب في اخر الطريق
A person standing in a window at night, synchromism, ominous vibe, cinematic.

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