Placeholder: abstract picture of a blue flame going around the earth abstract picture of a blue flame going around the earth



abstract picture of a blue flame going around the earth

17 days ago

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abstract, a blue soul, smoke, glow, spirit, centered, dark blue background
Merging glowing and opaque structures, flowing and morphing, 3d render.
Web background with multicolored tints. 3d rendering of colorful radiance, computer generated
Artificial optoelectronic synapses, connected by optical fibers, emit soft and colorful light.
A mesmerizing and ethereal hologram transparent glass chipmunks The translucent fire within the fractal glows with a captivating luminosity, its intricate patterns performing a mesmerizing dance of recursion. The radiant glow casts an otherworldly aura upon the sleek black neon surface, creating an enchanting and surreal visual spectacle.. Hyperrealistic, splash art, concept art, mid shot, intricately detailed, color depth, dramatic, 2/3 face angle, side light, colorful background
Conscience absolue au sein de l'énergie pure, couleurs bleue, mauve
swirling vortex of light
organic multicellular composition of luminous points which undulate to create striking visual effects on a darkness background,, photorealism, hyper detailed, 8k
the fractal of experience; abstract art
A swirling, chaotic network of lines and dots, forming a complex web of interconnected shapes and colors. The dominant hue is a deep, ominous shade of purple, interspersed with streaks of vibrant red, electric blue, and burning yellow. The network is bordered by a sharp, jagged edge, as if it were an animated storm cloud, with tendrils of cloudlike matter reaching out into the surrounding darkness. The image is adorned with a bold, blocky white text that reads "Storm" in a striking, almost futur
3D scene of brain neural network Detailed neurons with glowing cell bodies and dendrites Synapses sparking with electric blue neurotransmission Thick bundles of myelinated axons (nerve tracts) as luminous highways of white matter Nodes of Ranvier with bright rhythmic pulses Hippocampus with perforant pathway from entorhinal cortex to dentate gyrus, CA fields, and subiculum Descending pyramidal tracts from cerebral cortex to brainstem and spinal cord Ascending sens
Blue fire

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