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vase by ettore sottsass

19 days ago

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4096 × 4096


vase by ettore sottsass
fabric pattern by Ettore Sottsass
Make your own Farah Atassi's artwork. Just abstraction of everyday things.
A clockwork factory painted by Stuart Davis
minimalist painting aesthetic, painting of a painting of a vase, a bowl, and other objects, abstracted painterly techniques
gothic indie pastel ghibli animation still from (80s anime) detailed origami purple guache paintings and a Tsuburaya monotype oil painting of marble denture lollipops masterpiece best marble stone keystone deco designs by Trevor Fuseli Eiji Nicola Samori Nicolas Nemiri & Kaikai Kiki museum
Hate Speech style kandinsky
Фон узнаваемый стиль Эль Лисицкого или Кандинского на фон. Геометричная композиция принт Супрематизм. Реальное фото. Отобрази стиль рисунков Эль Лисицкого или Кандинского супрематизм, авангард, добавь геометричную композицию в принт. Костюм пудрово розовый . Прямые линии, чистый цвет, отсутствие акцентных деталей. На голове платок розовый , кожанные сандалики Мери Джейн на ногах. Фон из картин.Отобрази стиль рисунков Эль Лисицкого или Кандинского. Супрематизм. Сбалансированный экологи
Theater of the absurd; Abstract Art; Alan Fletcher; Golden Hour; Iridescent; Controversial; Supremely Detailed; Stupendous; Golden Hour; Abstract Art; Bauhaus; Avant Garde; Expressionism; Dada; Minimalism; René Magritte. Prompt
abstract painting in the style of Luis Barragan in the form of an octagon
very sunny day at 11 a.m. volumetric lightning, intricate qwilling floral bouquet in minimalist vase on brutalist table, sophisticated composition, contemporary urban art gallery context, inspired by Mark Rothko, Wassily Kandinsky, Benetton and Bruno Munari.
painting for a modern interior

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