Placeholder: Small futuristic office inside, as embassy night Small futuristic office inside, as embassy night



Small futuristic office inside, as embassy night

5 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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5120 × 2880


Futuristic office with blue shades
sith advanced scouting room, simple design, clean layout, muted lights, soft lighting, blue and black color, black shading, grey lighting, dark
futuristic, laboratory, on the spaceship, hyperrealistic 16k, 3d rendering, expressively detailed, dynamic light, dark,
science fiction futuristic laboratory
futuristic it workspace
scifi control and command center room, simple design
VIEW, space, subzone galaxy] [ SPACE - CONTROL ROOM - NIGHT] The control room of the COAT ship is bathed in the soft glow of holographic displays. NERO, a formidable and advanced robot, stands at the center, receiving his mission briefing from Beth. Beth (solemn) Nero, you are entrusted with the protection of the galaxy . There are threats and spies among its inhabitants. Fund the computer used to steal information about our trade secrets. You must root them out, ensure galaxies safety. NERO
cyberpunk control and command center, simple design, clean layout, clear floor, tiled ceiling, simple ceiling, empty floor, empty ceiling
interior inspired by millitary tank with futuristic design
Dark spaceship interior with glowing blue and purple lights. Futuristic spacecraft with large window view on planets in space and control panels. 3D rendering. Pro Photo
исследовательская лаборатория в стиле научной фантастики
poste de pilotage d'un magnifique vaisseau spatial, tout bleu, vue du ciel à travers de grands hublots, sièges blancs très modernes, tableau de bord sophistiqué, magnifique lumière zénitale,

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