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the human eye multicolor

24 days ago

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4992 × 3328


un ojo de colores extraños
hi res super closeup hdr photo hyperreal human eye but the enlarged pupil is a hole out of which a spirit woman is dragging her body to escape and collapse
An amazing, futuristic, multicolored robot eye with a diffused, back-lit glow. diffused glow, sci-fi, experimental, colorful, Extreme Eyes, Hyperrealistic, splash art, concept art, extreme close-up, intricately detailed, color depth, dramatic, wide angle, side light, colorful background, Professional photography, bokeh, mystical lighting, canon lens, shot on DSLR 64 megapixels sharp focus
camira with eye
Hallucination in a eye
Photoreal an eye reflecting an array of colours and waveforms
ojos de un ser superior
epic colorful fractals in the shape of evil eyes.hi res, fine details, sprawling geometric shapes, intricate vines with metallic prisms in space. nebula style. SPARKLES , glassy
Prompt: Mesmerizing realistic eyes, Hyper-realistic, a masterpiece, polished, crisp quality, It is a masterpiece!! HYPERDETAILED !! Crisp super high quality, fantastic colors depth, dreamy, mysterious, super ultra detailed, maximalist and super winning photography awards. Modifiers: highly detailed elegant extremely detailed Award winning photography 8k photorealistic very attractive beautiful dynamic lighting award winning fantastic view ultra detailed high definition crisp quality colourful
Trippy DMT eye of the universe vibrant colors
Половой орган в глазах
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