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تصميم داخلي بخطوط منحنيه ودوائر

10 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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Curves interior design for meeting room with circles
futuristic white room with large organic shaped beams and columns with organic shaped embellishments and wood details surrounding the empty room. the flooring is flat but has organic shaped details, There's a platform in the middle of the room. the lighting is bright white and the atmosphere is sci-fi
Salle d'attente , vaisseau spacial, , vert pale, extra terrestre s
A close-up of a cave villa fully furnished with cream furniture The translucent within the fractal glows with a captivating mesmerizing dance of recursion. The sunset glow casts an otherworldly upon the sleek black chocolate glazed surface, creating an enchanting andvisual spectacle.
organic futuristic interior
A spa design from multiple directions that has innovative technology, the spa should uncles a lot the rainforest since it will be located in a jungle in a luxury wellness resort.
Bel intèrieur villa futuriste,ambiaance bleutée , meubles modernes avec domes géométriques régulier translucide, , colonnes en cristal avec fleurs, lumière,grands écran, plantes vertes, ambiance bleutée, trés réaliste, beaucoup de détails, HD
a modern room field of forms biomimicry lights
Luxurious pods for spa and wellness in an environment style
gimnasio, sauna, spa, con organización radial
smart tech hotel reception, like in the spaceship

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