Placeholder: Gerard Folkerts as drawn by a kid Gerard Folkerts as drawn by a kid



Gerard Folkerts as drawn by a kid

24 days ago

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John doe
a highly detailed, abstract flat geometric portrait illustration of Keith Richards in the minimalist style of Willi Baumeister, Federico Babina and Petros Afshar, sharply detailed and finely lined, in vibrant natural colors
deseneaza dupa imagine un portret sketch in stil minimal art , hasurat cu linii scurte si oblice si incadreaza in pagina
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Crea una imagen al estilo de Egon Schielle de Lali Espósito.
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create an ancient blind female sorceress with highly detailed and refined facial features, raggedly clothed in the caricature cartoon style of Gerald Scarfe and Ralph Steadman, precisely drawn, boldly inked, vividly colored, 4k

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